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Wear and show your style with printed sweatshirts

As we offer designer and trendy sweatshirts online easily, you can get such sweatshirt for yourself too. On these printed sweatshirts, you can imprint any design of your choice that you want. All designs are printed in monochrome that looks classy and premium.


To provide you with impressive designs, we have arranged a rich collection. Depending on your choice, you can choose the right design for your sweatshirt from the categories like humor, cartoon, dialogues, spiritual, sport, romantic etc. If you want to imprint something else on your printed sweatshirt, you can upload that too on our website. We will print that on your sweatshirt. Along with printing design, you can add text too. Nowadays, people prefer photo printed sweatshirt. If you want the same too, you are eligible to upload your photo on our website too.


From our printing store, you can get your customized sweatshirt in the exact size of your requirement. We deal in sizes varying from 36 inches to 44 inches. This ensures that you need not compromising regarding the size of your sweatshirt. You get these sweatshirts in the fabric of cotton that provides comfort to you in the best way. By choosing the right size for yourself, you create a new level of comfort for your sweatshirt.Not only for your personal use, but you can also purchase these customized sweatshirts for your friends and dears.


Depending on your choice and preferences, either you can imprint the photo of the recipient on the sweatshirt. To make your gift item more meaningful for the recipient, you can imprint a customized message to it too. All you have to do is to upload the content you want to imprint on the sweatshirt. In order to design your sweatshirt, you can set the font for all the text on sweatshirt. In the winter season, sweatshirts are used mostly. This is the reason; you can gift it to anyone. You can gift it to your father and mother so that they can remain warm during the winter season.

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A classy nameplate for your home to impress your visitors

For any home, a nameplate is mandatory. It allows strangers and visitors to search the home easily by showing the name of the owner and address of the home. You would be familiar too by its requirement. A good looking name plate exerts a good impression on visitors and strangers. For this, you can get attractive customized house nameplates at affordable prices.

Wood name plates 1

Our collection is flooded with numerous designs and you can get a suitable one for your purpose according to your choice. Be it spiritual, trendy, or designer, our collection has everything for everyone. More to your comfort, we deliver your customized house nameplates to your place just in time using our effective courier service. This ensures that you are eligible to get the nameplate you see in our collection.

Wood name plates

To make your nameplates more meaningful and awesome, we provide photo name plates too. For this, you can upload your own photo on our website using the customization tool we have provided on the page of personalization. If talking about the materials of name plates, you can get materials like metal, wood, acrylic etc. in our collection. All materials are available for personalization and you can choose any material for your name plate and you can print your photo on them. You can say that photo printed nameplates exert good impression on your visitors.Wood name plates 2

Depending on the material of your door, you can choose the material of your nameplate, for instance, for metallic doors, you can get metallic nameplates from us and for your wooden door, you can get wood name plates from us in a personalized way. On these name plates, we not only print the name and address only but we print your photo too. Depending on your choice either your details are printed or engraved. Engraved name plates look more fascinating and classy. You can get it from us too. For wooden gates, you can try acrylic name plates too made with striking designs and fonts.


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Get designer name plate online from us at affordable prices

For all houses, a name plate is essential. This shows the name of the owner and address of the house. This helps strangers to find the exact house effortlessly. If you want name plate online for your house too, you can browse our collection. You can browse the collection according to your requirement and desire based on the type of its design like religious name plate, personalized name plate etc. Just by browsing the collection, you can choose your design effortlessly. If you want to make a name plate of your own preferences, you can upload the image file of your design. We will make the exact name plate for you like your design.


In our collection, you get name plate designs for flats in the material of acrylic, wood, and metal. The wide option of the material allows you to have your designer name plate in the exact material of your choice. On metallic name plates, you can engrave your details like name and address with a laser. This way, you can make your name plate look classy and premium. Not only we engrave the content but print on metallic name plates too. Thus, you get choice of choosing the way you want to show your name and address.


Depending on the type of your flat or house, you can choose the material of the nameplate. For example, if you want to hang a name plate on the metallic door, you can try a metallic name plate. For a wooden door, you can choose either acrylic or wooden name plate for a better match. The wooden name plate gives a sense of being traditional. If you want name plate made of wood, you can imprint your contents and design on it. On your consent, we carve your details on. It looks quite decorative and this way, you can exert a positive impression on your visitors. Irrespective of your location, we are capable of delivering name plate to your place just in time.

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Get customized t-shirt with the design you want

Being a printing store, Printland offers personalized t shirt printing online service across India by utilizing its presence over the internet. By using this service, you can customize t shirt easily. Our personalization service allows you imprint any design on your t-shirt. Is not it a better way of purchasing a t-shirt?T-shirt7

Our collection of t-shirts is comprised of uncountable pre-made designs from where you can get a desired design for yourself that may suit your style and persona. Depending on your interest, you can choose a design from the categories like devotional, occasional, desi dialogue, Bollywood dialogue, inspirational quote, humor, etc. for your customized slogan printed t shirt. You are limited to choose a design from the collection; you are free to create your own design using the customization tool provided on our website. By using this customization tool, you can even edit the preloaded designs on our website.


If you are looking for mens t shirt with collar, you can get a wide range of options at our website. While looking for a t-shirt, there are few things that are considered; color, fabric, and design of course. We assure that you get limitless options while buying t-shirt with collar. We have numerous colors like black, white, blue, grey, etc. You can choose your color from the collection. Depending on the stock, the availability of colors varies. If we talk about fabric, you get cotton fabric from us. We deal in the brand of Effit; you can rely on its quality. In the last, the design comes. You can browse our collection for it. More to your personalization, you can upload your own design so that we can print it on your t-shirt.


The price of t-shirt is also an element that cannot be avoided while buying it. We provide personalized t-shirts at the lowest price. So, you can remain assured to get the right value of your money. Your location does not matter. As we cover the whole of India with our delivery service, you can order your t-shirt with the surety of a delivery just in time.

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Get the best personalized Diwali gifts for family at the budget prices


Diwali is a festival of happiness and gifts just boost it to its maximum. Sharing gift is like sharing happiness and surprises. You can spread happiness in your family by getting Diwali gifts for family from us at reasonable prices.

From our giant collection, you can get Diwali gifts online for family easily for all age groups, for instance, kid and adult. For kids, you can look for personalized gifts like cap, t-shirt, magic mug, sipper, notebook, bag, electronic slate, sticker, badge, and headphone. For adults, you can get mobile phones, pen, diary, desk stand, electronic gadgets, keychains, etc. Printland offers you a way of getting these products in a personalized manner. Means, you can imprint the name, photo, or any quote on the gift items. Our collection owns Diwali greeting cards too. You can edit the design of your card to make it more personalized and stylish.

Diwali Gifts45

Not only for family, but we provide Personalized Diwali gifts for your business marketing too. Our promotional gifts allow you to choose the right gift item for your employees, clients, and customers. For this purpose, you can get products like cap, sipper, mug, mobile cover, gadgets, mousepad, keychain, pen, diary, desk stand, etc. On these gift corporate gift items, you can imprint the name and logo of your company. In case, you want to gift these items with the name of the recipient on it for a better feedback, we can imprint names on the items too.

Diwali gifts98

Printland is known for its quality products and fast delivery. Irrespective of your location, you get your items delivered to your place just in time. We cover more than 30,000 pin codes across India. If you want to gift items directly, we will directly ship your gift item to the address you suggest. On your consent, we can wrap your gift items in a beautiful wrap-paper. You can add a Personalized Diwali Gold Coins with your gift too to make your gift more congenial.

Diwali gifts

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Make desired designs on your personalized notebooks in just a click

As people love to have personalized items, provides personalized notebooks. Available materials for the cover of notebooks are wood, leatherette, plastic, hard paper, and eco-leather. All notebooks are made of high-quality papers with appropriate gsm. The collection of notebooks keeps the range of notebooks in different sizes so that you can get the required notebook easily. All notebooks are available in two sizes A4 and A5 and in two variants of 100 and 200 pages.


Side spiral notebooks are used frequently because of convenience. The spiral notebook opens in the same way as a regular notebook opens. Such notebooks are being used for academic purpose mostly. Along with, it is used to record schedules too. At, you can buy branded Lotus notebook at easy prices. We ensure you that the price of the personalized notebook is the best available in the market. You can imprint the desired design, photo, and name according to your requirement. The printing is done using digital printing. The notebook looks unique and amazing due to high-end printing.


The provides top spiral notebooks too. Such notebooks are used for making lists and receipts. Depending upon your requirement, you can buy a notebook in either 100 or 200 pages. You can personalize your notebook by imprinting graphics on it according to its use. For instance, if you buy this notebook for making receipts for your shop, you can imprint the name and image of your shop on its cover. This way, you can easily recognize the receipt book among others. If you are obligated to own more notebooks, you can personalize each of them individually to pick the required easily.


Apart from your personal use, you can give the personalized notebook to your dears too. They will be happy to get something with their name and photo imprinted on it. If you are looking forward to gifting someone, this can be a good item to gift. You can imprint a message on the cover of notebook too.



Never let the ordinary mugs spoil the morning tea get wonderful magic mugs

magic mugs

Modify the style of drinking hot beverages for life by giving a chance to customize ordinary and common mugs with some magic and hidden photo inside. By pouring hot beavers into it, the magic start playing its role, as the hot drink touch the mug material and mug filled of drink the outcome of messages and photo is amazing for the moment. Magic mugs are flawless to start your day with beautiful magic mug accompany loved one. A thing to notice is that, when you pour hot beverages into it the output is heart melting. It shows the imprinted images and quotes given by the user.

Invite your friends at morning coffee and snacks party, surprise them a fantastic by magic of your creative mind and magic inside in mug. In India, everyone is looking for different online portals with best quality and budget in their pocket; they feel hassle free to find the customized printing sites with large selection of products. The magic mug printing is available on many online doorways, just need to choose the precise and luxury. Most ideal situation and honored online sites available just to make the level of satisfaction higher and serve with luxury items.

 Magic mugs are available on many online shopping sites and the second judgment is consumer’s choice. is running successfully with fascinating products and magic mugs are one of the best collections from all. The photo imprinted on magic mugs will be given by those who wish to see the selected images on magic mugs may be with friends or love one. These mugs are not common like other ordinary mugs; they are created with many special ideas for it.

The customized mug printings are classy to modify the corner of your modular kitchen; this also gives a modern touch to your decorated house. The memories celebrate with close ones can never be erased, it always in your heart and to show the feelings and pure love inside you makes it visible. Your cousins, friends, relatives, colleagues and loved ones will definitely fall in love with the colors of magic mug. With the all latest innovation and technologies, the simple ordinary mugs now converted into fantastic true magic mugs